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You never imagined you’d be entering the dating pool again at this point in your life, but here you are … lost, confused, and frustrated. Nobody seems to be meeting organically anymore, and it’s nearly impossible to navigate dating apps – or weed out the good ones from a profile alone. You might even be wondering if there are any more single, emotionally healthy men capable of a long-term commitment.


Whether you are recently divorced or have been single for several years, take heart. There are simple, easily implemented strategies that can help you shift your dating life from failing to fabulous in no time. Welcome to "Find Love Again: Learn to Date Like a Goddess" – the ultimate program for dating success, created by author, psychotherapist, and EFT practitioner, Allison Jayne.


Drawing upon her professional knowledge and personal experience, Allison has guided hundreds of women in navigating through the landscape of dating after divorce. In her insightful and entertaining book, she shares valuable revelations, proven techniques, and empowering strategies to help you attract an emotionally healthy man, find love and create the fulfilling romantic life you desire.


"Find Love Again: Learn to Date Like a Goddess" equips you with the tools and mindset necessary to stand out in the dating pool and attract a high-quality man who is ready for a long-term commitment. Here's a glimpse of what you'll discover:

  1. Stand Out in the Dating Pool:

    1. Uncover the secret to creating having a captivating dating profile that magnetizes men to you (the secret is not what you think!).

    2. Learn effective strategies to show up in a new, unique and authentic way with men.

    3. Learn how to draw men to you whether you are dating online or not.

  2. Build Dating Confidence with a Simple, Powerful Tool:

    1. Discover a powerful technique to instantly boost your confidence before any date.

    2. Overcome anxiety and self-doubt, allowing your true radiance to shine through.

    3. Embrace your inner goddess and step into your authentic power, attracting the right partners effortlessly.

  3. Let Go of Past Heartbreak and Embrace Finding Love in Midlife:

    1. Heal emotional wounds and release the lingering impact of past relationships.

    2. Embrace a mindset of self-love and empowerment, opening yourself up to the possibility of new love.

    3. Cultivate a positive outlook and excitement for the future, knowing that love is within reach.

  4. Attract a High-Quality Man:

    1. Discover the key to attracting a high-quality partner who values and respects you.

    2. Learn how to identify red flags and establish healthy boundaries.

    3. Uncover the qualities that make you irresistible to emotionally healthy, commitment-ready men.

  5. Experience Adoration and Connection:

    1. Master the art of creating deep emotional connections and fostering intimacy.

    2. Learn techniques to have men showering you with love, adoration, and appreciation.

    3. Embrace your sensuality and become a mind-blowing goddess in the bedroom, igniting passion and pleasure in your relationships.​


If you're looking for a roadmap out of the dating quagmire and want to enjoy the process of finding love again, it's time to take action. Get on a call with Allison Jayne today and discover how her expertise and guidance can transform your dating life. Say goodbye to frustration and confusion and step into a future filled with love, joy, and meaningful connections. 


Don't wait any longer. Embrace your inner goddess and embark on a journey of self-discovery and love. "Find Love Again: Learn to Date Like a Goddess" is your trusted companion, guiding you towards a fulfilling and extraordinary love life. Get started on your path to dating success today!

Nancy, 53

“Allison Jayne provides practical guidance of how to navigate through the many challenges of dating post divorce/breakup. She combines her own life experiences with the use of EFT tapping to help clear the blockages that are holding you back from finding love. This has helped me identify some of the mistakes I've been making and feel more confident and relaxed to start dating again. It has also empowered me to shift my mindset and let go of the limiting beliefs I've been carrying for way too long!"

Liz, 47

"This is not just a how to program but the tools to change your mindset and habits that are preventing you from finding what you really want in love. The tapping sessions included help to get that reset and I found it applicable to other relationships in my life as well. Allison’s professional and real life experience are relatable, honest, and enlightening. I am able to see why I made some good and bad choices throughout my dating journey and am focused on what will make me happy now. One part of the program sticking with me the most is the question am I choosing or waiting to be chosen? We have all played the waiting game, may still be doing it. I can confidently say I did the choosing with my current relationship, and I am so happy now! Thank you Allison for giving me these tools!."

Diane, 50

“Allison Jayne does an amazing job of creating a roadmap for finding love in midlife. She shines light on the sneaky (and not so sneaky) ways women are conditioned to think about their roles in romantic relationships, and provides practical strategies for making cognitive and emotional shifts to embrace the “goddess” in themselves. Allison Jayne uses her decades of training and experience as a clinical social worker and EFT practitioner to pull together neuroscience, psychological principles, and tapping to support you in making positive, durable change.”

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