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Are you ready to date better? If you're seeking a transformation in your love life, look no further than our revolutionary program designed to help you learn to date like a goddess. Say goodbye to the frustrations of dating and unlock a world of possibilities where you can attract high-quality men, exude confidence, and become a mind-blowing goddess in the bedroom. Get ready to manifest your dream man and experience the love you deserve.

In our Learn to Date Like a Goddess program, we have carefully curated a series of powerful techniques and strategies that will empower you to navigate the dating landscape with grace and ease. This program is designed for women who are looking to take charge of their romantic journey and find lasting love, even if they don't have all their "stuff" together just yet.

One of the key outcomes of our program is dating with confidence. We understand that stepping back into the dating world can be intimidating, especially after a divorce or a long period of being single. That's why we provide you with the tools and mindset shifts to boost your confidence and radiate self-assurance in every interaction.

Understanding what it takes to attract high-quality men is another crucial element of our program. We'll delve into how to attract emotionally healthy men who are eager to adore you, and how you can begin to 'see' partners who align with your values and desires, men who you feel magnetically attracted to! These remarkable individuals, who you may have unknowingly overlooked, are already present in your world. However, due to subconscious programming, your brain may have been unwittingly hijacked, preventing you from recognizing them. It may sound like magic, but in reality, it's rooted in neuroscience. We will guide you in rewiring the neural pathways in your brain, clearing away those subconscious blocks that hinder your perception. Say goodbye to wasting precious time on incompatible matches, and welcome the boundless potential for deep, meaningful connections.

Standing out in the dating pool is a skill that can set you apart from the crowd. Our program will guide you on how to showcase your authentic self, show up on dates with an entirely different vibe, and communicate effectively to captivate the right kind of attention. Get ready to be noticed and pursued by the men who truly appreciate and value you.

But our program doesn't stop there. We believe that being a goddess extends beyond dating and into the realm of intimacy. We will share powerful insights and techniques that will help you tap into your sensuality and become a mind-blowing goddess in the bedroom. Unleash your passion, explore your desires, and create deeply satisfying connections with your partner.

Before you spend money on an expensive matchmaker, consider the power of our Learn to Date Like a Goddess program. This transformational journey will not only save you time and money, but it will also provide you with lifelong skills and insights that can lead to a truly fulfilling love life.

Learn more about this transformational program and manifest your dream man fast. Connect with Allison today to discover how our high value program can bring about the love and happiness you've been longing for. Take the leap and embrace your journey to becoming a confident, empowered goddess in the realm of dating and love.


"Allison Jayne provides a practical guide of how to navigate through the many challenges of dating post divorce/breakup. She combines her own life experiences with the use of EFT tapping to help clear the blockages that are holding you back from finding love. This guide has helped me identify some of the mistakes I've been making and feel more confident and relaxed to start dating again. It has also empowered me to shift my mindset and let go of the limiting beliefs I've been carrying for way too long!"



"Allison Jayne does an amazing job of creating a roadmap for finding love in midlife. She shines light on the sneaky (and not so sneaky) ways women are conditioned to think about their roles in romantic relationships, and provides practical strategies for making cognitive and emotional shifts to embrace the “goddess” in themselves. Allison Jayne uses her decades of training and experience as a clinical social worker and EFT practitioner to pull together neuroscience, psychological principles, and tapping to support the reader in making positive, durable change."


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