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Your Path to Empowered Love
Happiness Awaits with

Learn to Date Like a Goddess 

by Inspired Life Tapping

YOU. Yes, you. The radiant soul with years of love, laughter, and life etched into the fabric of your being.

You've been there, haven't you? 

Nights where the silence isn’t golden but a haunting reminder of solitude. Days when your achievements, though monumental, lack that special someone to celebrate with. 

You’ve dressed up and shown up but that intense connection is always just out of reach.

You are NOT a stereotype. You’re a magnetic woman who’s accomplished so damn much. But the echoes of an empty house, the silent phone…

Let’s face it, they don’t align with that inner Goddess who’s begging to be unleashed. 

That’s why it’s time for a change. 

Not just a change of your relationship status on Facebook, but a profound, soul-stirring metamorphosis from within. 

Feel that nudge? 

It’s the silent whisper of a forgotten goddess within you, stirring in the midst of doubts and silent sobs. 

Listen, the dating scene can feel like a battlefield where dreams and reality clash, and sweet soul, it seems like you’re armored with nothing but questions and fears.

My dear, it’s okay. 

You’re not alone in this. We’ve ALL asked that silent question…

“Is there something more?”

There’s Something Better 

Learn to Date Like a Goddess by Inspired Life Tapping isn’t another stale guide stitched with tired advice. It's where science meets soul. 

Seriously, imagine melding the potent energy of EFT tapping with the power of manifestation. 

While others tell you ‘how to snag a man’, this program uncovers layers of your radiant self and heals past wounds. 

It’s not just about finding love it’s about stepping into a space where you’re adored, just as you are. 

Here, in this sacred space, love isn’t pursued; it’s attracted – effortlessly and magically

Been There, Done That

Hi! I’m Allison Jayne, a trained psychotherapist and an EFT tapping expert. 

You can think of me as your new coach and confidant in this unpredictable, often baffling world of midlife dating. 

But strip away the titles, and I’m just like you—a woman who’s felt the cold, harsh sting of divorce and the unsettling quiet of an empty nest.

There I was, midlife, bustling with energy, charm, and - wait for it - suddenly, and quite shockingly, single. 

“Divorced” was a title the teenage me, buried nose-deep in fairytale romances, hadn’t prepared for. 

Remember the Disney movies and bedtime stories, with their "happily ever afters"? 

Well, none of them whispered a word about what to do if Prince Charming turned back into a frog. 

Hey, life threw me lemons, and I was determined not to let them sour.

But my venture into the world of swipes and likes was more “Grimm” than “charming.” 

It wasn’t just me either. My gal pals were in the same rocky boat, meeting Mr. Wrongs while Mr. Rights seemed as mythical as unicorns.

Ever been to a point where every date feels like a sequel to a horror story? That was me. 

But hang tight, because every cloud has its silver lining.

One starry night, amidst the slew of bad dates and mixed signals, something switched on. 

Feminine energy, that elusive magic, a mix of power and grace – it was in me all along, just waiting for me to embrace it.

And when I did, things changed. 

Men didn’t just notice me, they started showing genuine interest. 

Not because I turned into a swan overnight but because I, Allison Jayne, tapped into a power that turned me into a chooser not a chaser.

That shift, that realignment - it wasn’t just in the stars, but in me, in every woman who’s ever felt lost right in the middle of life. 

If you’ve ever looked in the mirror, wondering where the woman with stars in her eyes and fire in her soul disappeared to, know this…

She’s right there, still in you, and together, we’re about to wake her up.

No pumpkins, no glass slippers - just you, me, and a journey to authentic love that’s as enchanting as it is real. 

Shall we begin?



Let Your Goddess Do the Dating

In my program, Learn to Date Like a Goddess by Inspired Life Tapping, I take you through an 8-week journey, tailor-made for mid-life women like us. 

It's packed with live coaching sessions to give you real, tangible advice and techniques. 

We dive deep with journaling, allowing self-reflection to guide our steps forward. 

We embrace affirmations to bolster our self-esteem and remind us of the strong, empowered women we are.

No fluff, no unrealistic promises – just real support, actionable tools, and a community of women who are walking this path side by side, each of us rediscovering the powerful, love-worthy soul within. 

In just 8 weeks, transform into a love magnet with a program that combines live coaching, affirmations, and tapping exercises, all designed to renew your mindset and attract the right love. 

Overcome past fears and dating exhaustion, embrace confidence, and step into a world where you’re adored and empowered to attract the right partner.

Here’s What You’ll Be Getting 

Each module of Learn to Date Like A Goddess by Inspired Life Tapping is packed with live coaching, intensive journaling, empowering affirmations and a hack to make them actually work, and eye-opening videos, all designed to help you date like the Goddess you are. 

This is an incredible journey where each week reveals a more confident, love-ready you. Here’s a sneak peak…

Module 1: Find that Elusive “Good Man”

  • Setting the intention - Navigate your love journey with purpose and clarity, eliminating the guesswork.

  • Reprogramming Your Subconscious Mind - Break free from invisible barriers and foster a mindset primed for love.

  • Moving From the Old Self to the New Self - Witness a transformation that makes you a magnet for affection and genuine connection.

  • Find that Elusive “Good Man” - Pinpoint and attract the partner that cherishes and understands your essence.

  • Tapping- Clearing the Limiting Belief: “There are no good men left out there”- Dissolve self-doubt, unveiling a world brimming with potential partners.

Module 2: Stop Attracting Mr. Wrong

  • The new you in love - Step into a version of yourself that’s empowered and irresistible.

  • Stop attracting Mr. Wrong - Say goodbye to unfulfilling connections and hello to soulful romances.

  • Tapping- Clearing the Fears That Led to Settling for Mr. Wrong - Release fear and step into a space where every connection is possible.

  • Clear blocks to becoming the new version of you - Unleash the authentic you, ready and radiant for love.


Module 3: Prepared to be Adored

  • Prepared to be adored - Transition to a reality where being cherished is your new norm.

  • Tapping - Clearing Blocks to Letting Go and Letting Your Feminine Flow - Unshackle from the past, embrace a future where your femininity is your superpower.

  • Ramp up your feminine energy - Radiate an energy that’s irresistible and magnetic.


Module 4: How Cinderella Fucked Me Up

  • How Cinderella Fucked Me Up - Rewrite your narrative, making it empowering and joyful.

  • Tapping - Transforming into Someone Who does the Choosing - Shift to an empowered state where you pick your own love story.

  • Becoming the Chooser - Claim your power in love, making choices that resonate with your soul.

  • Smile Like a Goddess - Embody a radiance that attracts the right kind of men.

Module 5: The Search for the “One”

  • The Search for the “One” - Turn the endless search for love from a challenge into a joyful journey.

  • Tapping- Relaxing into the Journey of Dating - Transform anxiety into anticipation, making every date a delightful discovery.

  • How to Stop 'Looking' - Move from active hunting to effortless attracting.

Module 6: Find Love Before You Have Your Sh*t Together

  • Find Love Before You Have Your Sh*t Together - Witness that your imperfections aren’t barriers but bridges to true connections.

  • Tapping- Feeling like You Have to Be Perfect to Find Love - Release perfection, embracing a love that accepts and adores your flaws.

  • Acceptance to draw in love - Cultivate a love that’s not just seen but deeply felt.


Module 7: Be a Goddess in the Bedroom

  • Be a Goddess in the Bedroom - Transform your intimate connections into soulful unions.

  • Tapping - Clearing Fears in the Way of You Owning Your Sexuality and Receiving Pleasure - Overcome reservations, stepping into a realm where pleasure is profound.

  • Bubble technique - Explore new dimensions of intimacy, turning every touch into poetry.

Module 8: Fighting Dating Exhaustion

  • Fighting Dating Exhaustion - Turn dating fatigue into a rejuvenated journey filled with excitement.

  • Tapping- Clearing Resistance to Focusing on Fun and Raising Your Vibe - Shift from tired to inspired, making every date an exciting escapade.

  • Keeping Your Vibe High - Maintain an energy that’s both irresistible and magnetic.


This Is For You If…

  • You’re a woman over the age of 45, navigating the world with the wisdom and scars from the experiences life has thrown your way.

  • You’re prepared to dive deep – ready to embrace and feel every emotion, knowing it’s a gateway to transformation.

  • You believe in the power of manifestation and understand that discovering love means first discovering yourself.

  • You’ve been a powerhouse in your professional life, and now you’re ready to give love the attention it deserves.

  • You’re aware that the path to love is an inside job, and you’re ready to embark on this transformative journey.

This Is NOT For You If...

  • You’re looking for surface-level advice on "snagging a man" or changing just your dating profile – no quick fixes here! 

  • You’re not ready to understand that real change and happiness come from within, not from external sources.

  • You shy away from feeling your emotions fully or are looking to numb or ignore the tough feelings.

  • You often find yourself trapped in a mindset where things happen "to you" rather than "for you."

  • You haven’t yet reached the life stage and experiences that this program is specifically designed to address.

THIS Is The Change You Can Expect

  • Unshakable Confidence… Walk into every room like it's your own. No second-guessing, just pure, magnetic self-assurance.

  • Crystal Clarity… Say goodbye to the fog of "what ifs" and "maybes." You’ll see the dating world, and your place in it, with fresh, clear eyes. It’s about knowing what you want and where you’re going, no map required.

  • Pure Joy… We’re injecting happiness back into the dating game. Every date, every message, every smile—it’s not just interaction, it’s a dose of joy. 

  • Sultry Self-Love…  Embrace the sexy, sensational woman you are right now. No makeovers, no fads, just you - and trust me, you are more than enough.

  • True Connection… Love after 45? Hell, yes. I’m in the business of busting myths and your love story, the real, raw, passionate kind is waiting just around the corner.

  • Empowered Self-Image… Kick those outdated beliefs and self-doubts to the curb. It’s time to meet the new you - a powerhouse of love, strength, and allure.

  • High Vibe Dating… Tired of the dating plateaus? Get ready for dates that leave you energized, excited, and looking forward to the next. 



In 8 weeks, we’re not just touching up, we’re revamping. 

Be unapologetic about this. 

You’re on a journey to a love that echoes the depth of the amazing woman you are. 


Here’s the Golden Ticket…

So, you’ve scrolled through this page, your heart is racing a tad bit faster, and that voice in your head is practically singing - this is it. This is the missing puzzle piece. 

But then comes the big question… “What’s the damage, Allison?”


Investment Time

Here's What $2,200 will get you…

➡️ 8 Weekly Group Calls  

  •   Engage in real-time, action-packed sessions designed to make your experience the best it can be.

➡️ Instant Access to the Online Program  

  •   No need to wait. Dive into transformative content, right at your fingertips, anytime, anywhere.

➡️ Signed Paper Copy of the Book 

  •   Your tangible guide to reference, underline, and dog-ear on your path to love.

➡️ 3 Follow-Up Monthly Group Calls (Bonus!) 

  •   Stay supported and inspired, because the journey doesn’t end after 8 weeks.


Payment Options Tailored for You

  1. Pay in Full:  One-time payment of $2,200 

  2. Split the Investment: Two convenient payments of $1,200 


💕So, we’re at the crossroads, beautiful…

One path is familiar, safe, yet tinged with a ‘what if’. 

The other? 

It’s where the real change and a deeper form of love await.

Take a breath. Close those eyes. Now leap.

The goddess within is ready, the love destined is waiting, and a life where every day is a dance of passion, power, and profound connections, is a click away.

The love you desire, the transformation you crave, and the goddess you are, is not a world away. It’s here, it’s now, it’s waiting…

-Allison Jayne

P.S. If you are not sure if this is the right fit transformational program for you come get on a call with me and ask me any questions you may have!

Image by Khamkéo Vilaysing
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